Friday, July 25, 2008

On Science: The Matter of the Missing Anti-Matter.

Question: Who killed all the early anti-matter?

In the early universe there was supposedly a nearly one-to-one ratio of matter to anti-matter, with matter holding the slightest of edges, and that edge is why matter is predominant today and anti-matter found only rarely, and then mostly in small amounts created in laboratories. The question still remains: where did all the early anti-matter go?

The answer I believe is quasars. How to prove this? Get energy pattern absorption lines from quasars and compare them to energy absorption lines from experiments at CERN where matter particles collide with anti-matter particles. If the patterns are the same then a quasar is simply a place, likely the event horizon near a massive black hole, where anti-matter and matter are being shoved together violently. That collision is what I hypothesize gives quasars their incredible power and brightness (with most quasars outshining an entire galaxy for decades).

Research point: I propose that empirical proof for this could be found in the readings of the energy outputs from both quasars and particle physics experiments. Recent evidence points out that quasars are always associated with attendant galaxies (albeit rather dimmer than their attendant quasars), and they are only found uniformly spread out across space at great distances from the Milky Way. The lack of nearby quasars argues for not only their great antiquity, but also puts them in the proper time frame, thus making them the prime suspect in the murder of anti-matter.

Remember this idea is reducible to empirical testing (i. e., it can be disproven by comparing the energy lines from quasars as photographed by Hubble with the energy lines from pertinent particle physics experiments done at powerful colliders like those found at CERN in Switzerland or Fermi labs in the United States). I hope someone with access to this data does the research.

Answer: If the data proves out then it is most likely that quasars are where early anti-matter went to die.

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Anonymous said...

The Anti-Matter left becuase they were tired of getting discriminated against by traditional Matter. They were getting madder and madder and no one was asking "what was the matter?" Off to the quaisars to live a quaisar life style.